Hall of Fame
Significant Contribution

Hall of Fame

The Livermore Sports Hall of Fame was established in 2009 in celebration of our 60th consecutive year of honoring scholar-athletes. Hall of Fame inductees are extraordinary athletes, coaches, and others who have contributed in a significant way to our community’s sports history. A number of these athletes had collegiate success, went on to the Olympics, or are professionals in their sports. Inductees include World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Max Baer and one of the greatest baseball pitchers ever, Randy Johnson. Plaques of our inductees are displayed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Livermore.

The three newest members to the Livermore Hall of Fame are: MATT LAYE, LEAH AVILLA, RANDY GRANT.

Deadline to apply is February 1st

Winners are announced at the Olympian Awards Banquet, 3rd Monday in May​​​

Criteria for Hall of Fame Categories


  • Must be a graduate of LHS or GHS or a resident of Livermore.
  • Shall be eligible for nomination no earlier than 5 years after her/his graduation.
  • Must have been a varsity team member of the sport for which she/he is being nominated.
  • Must have made positive impact to the team(s) for which she/he played, including demonstrated athletic achievement.


  • Must have coached or been a staff member for at least five years at LHS or GHS.
  • Shall have demonstrated an ability to enhance the athletic experience of the student-athlete, while serving as a positive role model through exemplary leadership and character.
  • Strong consideration will be given to those nominees who have enhanced the experience of student-athletes. The candidate shall have volunteered their time, expertise or resources for a minimum of five years.

Team Award

  • Must be successful teams who have reached regional, state, or national recognition.
  • Teams must have had varsity status at the time they were in play.
  • Teams will be considered after a minimum of five years has elapsed from the last date of competition for their nominated season.

Community Award

  • A nominee need not be a graduate or former employee of the Livermore School District.