Livermore Granada Boosters Board

Our Board
Passion for Our Community

Board Members and Associate Members do as much (or as little) as we like to help this organization be the best it can be. Some of us love to take pictures, some of us like to organize, some of us like to be front and center, while some of us like to work in the background. All of us have a passion for helping our community, and we love being around these amazing high school athletes! Contact us if you’d like to get involved.


Vern Chase & Lora Silva

Board of Directors

Jeff Bickerton
Bob Bronzan
Adam Clark
Clark Conover
Elizabeth Costantino
Michelle Dawson
Kevin Drake
Marie Dremalas
Bret Dupuis
Jan Freytag
                                 Helen Gladden                                  Eileen Greenlee

Chuck Hartwig
David Moore
Mike Morgan
Brad Morisoli
Mike Nagel
Sarah Patterson
                               James Petersdorf                                Gretchen Rutherford
Steve Sythe
Jim Travis
Tim Weaver

Associate Board Members

Clark Abramson
Darrel Avilla
Rex Beach
Kim Dremalas

                                Amy Dupuis                                   Steve Goodman