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Livermore Granada Boosters is a volunteer-run nonprofit that celebrates our student athletes in Livermore, California.

We believe outstanding students active in athletics become good citizens. Help us promote academic and athletic excellence among our high school students.

Fall Sports

Livermore High School

  • Dance                                 Flag Football
  • Football                                         Wrestling      
  • Girl’s Golf                                 Soccer 
  • Basketball                                Water Polo      

What We Do

We annually award $16,000 in college scholarships to male and female scholar athletes from Livermore and Granada High Schools.

We present awards to varsity athletes and induct extraordinary athletes, coaches and community leaders into the Livermore Sports Hall of Fame.

We host the Olympian Awards Banquet each May to recognize athletes, coaches and community members for their hard work and dedication.

We publish tens of thousands of free photos each year to document K-12 events in Livermore, California. Enjoy!

We provide high school sports scores and information on our website, and also promote scholar athletics in our social media and newsletter.

We host the annual Race to the Flagpole in November as our main fundraiser, to encourage appreciation for fitness, and to foster community pride.